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The ROMP Mission
"... tackling cancer one nurse at a time"

ROMP recognises the challenges faced by people living with myeloma in regional and remote Australia. Through engagement with many Rotary Clubs and their communities, we build local awareness of myeloma and we advocate for Rotary led support for patients and their families.

We support and promote the work of Myeloma Australia, the only myeloma specific charity in Australia and share their commitment to improving life outcomes for people living with myeloma. We celebrate the vital role of nurses in regional cancer treatment centres. We applaud their “service above self” and commitment to the patients in their care, We support their development by providing access to fully funded post graduate scholarships in cancer nursing..

About Myeloma


Myeloma, also called Multiple Myeloma is a type of blood cancer that affects the inside of the bone marrow. The cancerous myeloma cells multiply inside the bone marrow, crowding out the healthy red blood cells. Myeloma causes damage to bones.

It attacks the immune system causing fatigue and can lead to frequent infections.

There is no cure for myeloma.

For more information about
myeloma please visit
Myeloma Australia 

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A Multi-Club, Multi-District
Rotary Program


The Rotary Club of Camberwell has been engaged with Myeloma Australia since it began more than twenty-five years ago

The close relationship with Myeloma Australia provides unique insights into the challenges of servicing the myeloma community and a unique opportunity for a shared Rotary venture at a time when Rotary club funds are limited by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

ROMP is a low cost, decentralised high value Rotary service initiative with significant benefits for regional communities.

Tackling cancer, one nurse at a time.

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