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“One nurse at a time”

Myeloma Is an incurable cancer of the blood and bone marrow. There are more than 20,000 patients in regional Australia and 50 new cases are diagnosed every week. More than 6000 myeloma patients and their families live outside of the capital cities.


Many cannot access the latest medical services and support. It is a sad fact that people living in rural, regional and remote Australia have a poorer chance of survival from cancer than those living in major metropolitan centres. Cancer rates are highest in regional areas. ROMP is dedicated to making a difference.

ROMP builds awareness of myeloma in regional communities. We promote the work of Myeloma Australia and we celebrate the role of nurses working in regional cancer treatment centres.


We offer fully funded scholarships in cancer nursing to selected registered nursing candidates. Through post-graduate education, nurses are able to play key roles in improving cancer treatment and outcomes inI their n regional settings.

We invite our fellow Rotarians and their communities (Rotary is everywhere) to join us as we “tackle cancer one nurse at a time”.  And we invite sponsors and donors to support our work.


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