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 Regional Myeloma Communities

Often confused by the public with melanoma – a very different disease - myeloma is a low profile cancer. It ranks as the seventeenth largest cancer behind the better known cancers - breast, prostate lung and others.

There are about 20,000 people living with myeloma in Australia. A quarter of that number live in Victoria and about 1100 live in regional Victoria.

For each myeloma patient there  at least three people - partners, children, patents, carers, doctors and friends who share the patient’s journey with the disease.

There are more than 5000 people across country Victoria who constitute the regional myeloma community.

Myeloma Support Groups

Myeloma Australia’s Information and Support Groups are informal gatherings for people living with myeloma, their family and friends.

The meetings provide a safe space to meet other members of the myeloma community to share their experiences of living with myeloma, and to learn from various guest speakers from a health management and practical perspective.

All support group meetings are led by professionally qualified Myeloma Australia nurses.

 Regional Victoria
An Opportunity for Service

A core aim of the ROMP initiative is to support the work of Myeloma Australia in regional Victoria and facilitate the creation of new myeloma support teams wherever they are needed

We aim ensure a level of support for country people that is at least equal to that available in Melbourne.

We aim to ensure with the support of our fellow Rotary Clubs in the regions that -

No myeloma patient will live more than one hour from a myeloma support group. 

A Multi-club, Multi-District
Rotary Program


The Rotary Club of Camberwell has been engaged with Myeloma Australia since it began twenty years ago. There has been a Camberwell Rotarian on their board at all times.

The close relationship with Myeloma Australia provides unique insights into the challenges of servicing the myeloma community and a unique opportunity for a shared Rotary venture at a time when Rotary club funds are limited by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

ROMP is a low cost, decentralised high value Rotary service initiative with significant benefits for regional communities.

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