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Patricia O’Hara
OAM, MBA, BHSc (Nursing),FACN RN 
Chair, ROMP Nurses Panel

“Tackling cancer, one nurse at a time”

ROMP Registered Nurses Scholarships for 2024.

It is a sad fact – and old news - that people living in rural, regional and remote Australia have a poorer chance of survival from cancer than those living in major metropolitan centres. Cancer rates are highest in regional areas.

We live in a vast island with a small population. Delivering equity in treatment and outcomes for country people is a challenge for governments and communities that will not be resolved in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile regional cancer treatment facilities are challenged every day as they are called upon to treat patients with many types of cancer with ever evolving treatments.

The ROMP Registered Nurses Cancer Scholarship delivered by the University of Melbourne is an ongoing Rotary initiative to upskill registered nurses who are employed in regional treatment centres.


In 2024, not less than four funded scholarships will be offered.

For more information about the ROMP Scholarships including how to apply, please refer to the attached document -

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