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Celebrating one hundred years of Rotary in Australasia

The Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program (ROMP)
A certified R100 project

Rotary in Australia and NZ celebrate the First 100 years of Service in 2021.
In 1921, four Rotary Clubs were created in Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. From there, Rotary and Rotaract clubs were created everywhere across Australia and NZ. We all share a centenary in 2021. We can come together and create a common legacy.
Think about the impact we can make!


ROMP signs on for the myeloma walk

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ROMP signs on for the myeloma walk

“3.8 with a mate” - Sunday 27th February, 2022


The Myeloma Australia. “3.8 with a mate” project is the second iteration of the successful 38mate awareness raising initiative that was held throughout May 2021.

3.8 continues as the theme for raising awareness of myeloma and bringing the broader public to an understanding of the important work of Myeloma Australia within communities.

What is 3.8 with a mate?  3.8 event can be any form of community engagement that tickles your fancy. A 3.8 km walk—or  a variation of this—is a very simple, achievable and community building event. Not everyone wants to—or is capable of running a 10km or half marathon. The aim is to be as inclusive as possible.

The Myeloma Australia concept is to host up to fifty 3.8 events across Australia on Sunday 27th February 2022 potentially in many cities, towns and regions. As a small charity it does not have the resources to bring this vision to fruition. Instead the call will be made to myeloma communities and community organisations to act as event organisers for their own 3.8 events.

The ROMP committee regards “3.8 with a mate” as an ideal hands-on program for the consideration of Rotary clubs engaged with the ROMP initiative. The Rotary Club of Camberwell will mount its own 3.8 event (or possibly more than one).

"In praise of specialist nurses"
Patricia O’Hara OAM addresses nursing challenges for regional communitie

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Patricia O’Hara OAM MBA BHSc (Nursing) FACN RN

On October 21st at the Rotary Club of Camberwell, ROMP Committee Community Member Patricia (“Trish”) O’Hara OAM MBA BHSc (Nursing) FACN RN spoke on the critical role of myeloma nursing specialists for patients diagnosed with myeloma in Victorian regional towns.

The Rotary Outreach Myeloma Program looks forward to a time when support and outcomes for myeloma patients in regional Victoria will at least match those achieved in Melbourne and the other state capitals. We know that specialist nurses will play a pivotal role in that success.

We invite you to share Trish’s excellent presentation at this video link